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AN OFFER FOR 2020  & 2021 – If you book wedding photography 2020 or 2021 we can offer a wedding highlight film for the very low price of 2500-4000 SEK – see details further down.

I divide my wedding photography into five different parts:

A. Preparation – everything from late morning up until the portrait session starts.

B. Portraits – a couple of hours of good fun. All kinds of pictures, both informal and formal. If we have enough time (you decide how much time you want to spend) we go to a few different locations to get a great variation of settings, colours and light. If you’d rather spend less time taking the portrait pictures, or want to do the shooting after the ceremony, it’s easily arranged as well.

C. Ceremony – I document the ceremony, whether it’s in a church, at the ocean side or in your living room.

D. Toast & Mingling – I go with you to the reception location and cover when you arrive, the toast and the mingling. It means more informal pictures of you, your guests and the beginning of the reception. Normally I will also get a chance to document the table decoration and other details of the venue. I leave around the time you sit down for dinner.

E. Dinner & Dance – From the first champagne to the party dance moves – I’m there. I’ll cover the details of the dinner, the cake cutting magic and the partying on the dance floor. You probably won’t be disappointed when you see the pictures, but maybe surprised…

Based on this I offer five standard packages:

  • SMALL (B – only portraits) about 2 hours of shooting/50-100 images  –  5900SEK

  • MEDIUM (B+C – I leave after the ceremony) about 4 hours of shooting/100-150 images  –  7500SEK

  • LARGE (B+C+D – I leave after toast and mingling) about 6 hours of shooting/150-200 images  –  8500SEK

  • EXTRA LARGE (B+C+D+E – I leave around midnight) – about 10 hours of shooting/200-300 images  –  10500SEK

  • FULL DAY (A+B+C+D+E – I arrive late morning) about 14 hours of shooting/300-400 images  – 12000SEK

All prices are incl vat (inkl moms) and excl travel expenses (3,50SEK/km).

Included in every package:

  • A one hour planning meeting (in Ystad) over a cup of coffee

  • 2 – 14 hours of shooting

  • 8-14 hours of post-processing work

  • A shared Dropbox folder with all images in full resolution for downloading

  • All images resized and optimized for social media.

  • Web gallery with full resolution images for at least 6 months, all pictures easily downloadable for guests

  • Every image individually converted, adjusted and post processed

  • Life time license for private unlimited use of the full resolution images, also in social media



For the weddings 2020 and 2021 I collaborate with my daughter Sofia. She is 15 years old and starting out her own wedding film project – Sofia Thun Videography.  She is a talented film maker, and is building up her portfolio during the fall and next year, and while doing that she charges a reasonable price of 2500-4000 SEK (depending on what photography package you book - the photo and film package has to match) for a wedding highlight film – 5 to 10 minutes long, made from 4-14 hours of filming and about the same amount of hours of post processing. You also get a 1-minute version suitable for Instagram. To check out if it’s something you are interested in – see her web site or on Instagram - @sofiathunvideography


I divide my portrait photography into four packages:

SMALLif you only want a few high quality pictures of a single person you can come to where I am located (Västra Vallgatan 33 in Ystad). I will take photos for 20-30 minutes in the neighbourhood (i e a park just nearby) and spend a couple of hours processing them and deliver them digitally in full resolution. A good service if you only need up to 10 pictures of one person from the same location - 900SEK

MEDIUMmy most popular package for couples and families. We spend around 60 min at a location of great variation and take all kinds of pictures. I process them and deliver around 50-100 images in full resolution digitally. A web gallery is also included. For travel expenses I offer this package up to about 1h away from Ystad - 1900SEK (plus 3.50SEK/km)

LARGE - my biggest portrait package for families and groups where we go to a couple of different locations for a couple of hours to get an even greater variation of settings, colours and light. You will receive 100-150 images and a web gallery is of course included. For travel expenses I offer this package up to about 2h away from Ystad - 2900SEK (plus 3.50SEK/km)

BUSINESS - an offer for any small company who would like pictures of people/places/buildings etc, for your website or printed material (no extra cost for that use). We can discuss what your needs and wishes are and I will make you an offer, but normally it will cost around the price of my LARGE portrait package -2900SEK (incl vat/moms) plus 3.50SEK/km

All prices are incl vat (inkl moms) and excl travel expenses (3,50SEK/km).

© 2020 by Jonas Thun.

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